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Grow Bags

Grow Bags

A growbag is a large plastic bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants, usually tomatoes or other salad crops. The growing medium is usually based on a soilless organic material such as peat, coir, composted green waste, composted bark or composted wood chips, or a mixture of these.
Various nutrients are added, sufficient for one season's growing, so frequently only planting and watering are required of the end-user. Planting is undertaken by first laying the bag flat on the floor or bench of the growing area, then cutting access holes in the uppermost surface, into which the plants are inserted.

Grow bags are great for Growing tomatoes, peppers, flowers, herbs, potatoes, small fruiting trees, stevia and many more plants.

Open Grow Bag

Open Top & Grow Bags are an excellent growing medium for seed raising, floriculture and horticulture applications.
It provides growers the capability of saving time and labour.
Open top grow bag Easy to handle, Reduces land preparation, Low water consumption and Eco-friendly.
They allow excess heat to adjust on warm days.

Green Grow Bag

Grow bags are lighter than pots and so they are easier to move, hang, and store.
Grow bags also breathe better and drain faster than pots.
In addition, plants in grow bags have healthier roots than plants in pots.
Best of all, you can make your own custom grow bags in any size you want.

Nursery grow bag

Grow bags are breathable, so they allow more soil to come in contact with the air than traditional pots.
Better aeration prevents soil compaction, and this makes it easier for your plants to absorb nutrients from soil.
Air leads to healthier root systems for plants in grow bags.

Grow Bag

Healthier Root System – Encourage root pruning rather than root circling. Temperature Control – Shed excess heat through breathable fabric. Prevents Over-watering – Excess water will percolate through the fabric material. Easy Storage – Can we folded up and stored with minimal space. Versatile – Can be easily moved or planted directly in the ground.

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