Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is Cocopeat and its uses?

A. For general information about benefits of Cocopeat and details please refer the
page ‘Why Coir Pith?’ Page.

Q2. What is the lead time for orders: Shipping time?

A. This depends on the product, size and nature, for instance a truck load will take
approximately 15 days to complete in order to make plastic covers for the first time
but bulk orders (for more than one truck load) can be executed with a time interval
of 4 days from the completion of first Load.

Q3. Can you handle custom made packing?

A. Yes we can arrange packing, labeling as per customers specifications.

Q4. Where's your company based at ?

A. Emmanuel Global Exports is situated near to the river bank of Palar in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, South India.

Q5. Can you supply us your products regularly?

A. Sure. As we are having good network in procuring raw material and we have all
facilities to supply our materials regularly to our customers.based at Tamil Nadu, India.

Q6. Many people often talk of excessive salts in coconut husk based substrates; how does your company deal with this problem?

A.Coconut husks from which our company products are made from, do in fact contain
naturally formed highlevels of Potassium Chloride and lesser lever of Sodium Chlorides at
the primary processing stage.These salts are also nutrients in another sense, but they are
reduced to a beneficial level by four basic processes. Ageing by Influenced by bacterial
introduction, washing &buffering which?means the products are chemically exchange &
discharge?of salts prior to it being used as a growing medium.

Q7. Can I use Cocopeat in my present gutter system & containers where I grow Roses

A. Cocopeat has a specialized blend of coir pith & buffered crushed husk which has proved itself as an ideal substrate for Roses. The blend combines a medium high water holding capacity with an excellent level of Air Filled Porosity and fast run off of excess water which also means that the excessive salts get washed off quicker than its counterparts which is essential for high quality blooms. Finer lateral roots develop very quickly and it is known that the overall production is increased by over 20% in the first and second years of cut flower production. What’s more, the substrate lends itself to the commercial lifespan of the plant resulting in an overall saving which equals profit.

Q8. Which is the Best Option to contact your company?

A. You can reach us over phone (+91-997-632-7550) or through [email protected].

Biodegradable Cocopeat

Cocopeat is also known as Coir pith, Coir Fiber pith, Coir dust. It is used as a solid additive, due to low level of nutrition content in the Cocopeat it is mixed with nutrients and used as growing medium for plants.